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Thermal Overload Relays

A thermal overload relay is a type of relay used to guard against overheating in electrical circuits.
Instead of cutting off the circuit’s power, it detects when the current has increased sufficiently and opens,
enabling the motor to keep running.

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TeSys LRD is a reliable series of thermal overload relays designed to cover a range of motor ratings up to 75kW at 400 V. The devices can be combined with TeSys D contactors to form an extremely compact starter.


  • Manual or automatic reset
  • Sealable flap
  • Pre-wiring kit
  • Direct mounting with TeSys D contactors
  • Terminal block for separate mounting
  • Remote electrical reset available as an option
  • Connectors: spring terminal, screw clamp, terminal block EverLink (LRD3)
  • Class 10 A & 20


TeSys LRD thermal overload relays deliver outstanding performance, flexibility and reliability.

  • Safe and effective protection
  • Simple to install
  • Integrated manual-automatic reset
  • Can be combined with TeSys D contactors to form an extremely optimized starter



TeSys LRD relays are used across the industry, infrastructure, building, etc., to provide:

  • Protection against motor overload and loss of phase.
  • The perfect complement of magnetic-only circuit breakers to manage thermal protection for motors.
  • Selectable manual, remote or auto reset tripping options for better process management.


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