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Feeder Pillars

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Electrical Enclosures
Here are Emiter we can provide you with exactly the enclosure you need, when you need it, with our large range of electrical enclosures. When you need power onsite, whether temporarily or permanently, here at Emiter we provide a solution that is safe and cost-effective and that will be installed with the minimum of disruption. Our electrical enclosures are available in various designs and sizes, all of which conform to onsite safety requirements that will ensure a safe source of power is provided to you and your site.

An electrical enclosure is the perfect solution when you need a temporary power source for your plant, construction site, or outdoor event, where you need a reliable source of electricity without the hassle of hiring a noisy generator. Our electrical enclosures are safe and tamper-proof, allowing you to leave your site overnight without the worry of anyone trying to gain unauthorised access to your power source.

Enclosures are used by both domestic and commercial clients and Emiter have a wide range of types and sizes. Domestic clients can purchase individual gas and electricity meter enclosures from our Online Shop.

Commercial clients – Please see our GRP Enclosures page for more sizes and call us to discuss your requirements.

Electrical GRP enclosures provide the perfect solution to your temporary power distribution needs, the enclosures we provide having the possibility to be installed permanently where required. Your power source will be designed to suit your individual needs, and the amount of power you require and the timescale of your project being taken into consideration when fitting your electronics enclosure.

Our solutions here at Emiter provide you with the very best electrical enclosures UK, allowing you to get on with the work you are doing onsite or the event that you are holding without having to worry about a generator not working or your source of temporary power letting you down. We offer a whole host of temporary electronic enclosures, having supplied power to small and large construction sites as well as many important outdoor events around the UK.

When you require a source of power where there simply is no power available, whether in a rural location or on a new building site, here at Emiter we have the perfect GRP enclosures to meet your specific needs. All our electronics enclosures are made to be fully secure, using a key, padlock, or triangle lock to ensure that only you will be able to access the power source for the duration.

Our enclosures for electronics can provide you with the power source you need when hosting an important party or event or when you are working on a new building site where there is currently no permanent source of power. An electronic enclosure onsite will provide you with the power source you need without the additional worry of meeting necessary safety requirements. Our unique electrical enclosures plastic design will ensure that no rust will occur, not even when your electric enclosures supplied by us turn out to become a more permanent fixture on your site.


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