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Explosion Proof Glands

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In many areas such as the chemical industry, paint shops, offshore refineries, petrol stations, the textile and paper industry, the food industry, glass and / or ceramics industry, wood processing and many other industries, equipment are operated in explosive areas.
Due to the high risk to persons and property in case of an explosion, especially strict legal and technical requirements apply to explosive areas in particular. AGRO Ex cable glands made of brass or plastic comply with the strictest requirements and ensure safe cable entry in explosive areas. All cable glands are certified accordingly and come with an EC type-examination certificate. IECEx certification allows for worldwide use.

1- Short, long or special entry thread
Ex Cable glands with short or long entry threads designed as metric, Pg, gas-pipe or NPT can be used with existing opening threads or with a counter nut.

2- Stable spanner flats
Large, stable spanner flats on the nut simplify tightening using the assembly tool.

3- Guaranteed seal
Inner contours matched to the sealing insert ensure a targeted deformation of the insert and thus guarantee its tightness in compliance with protection class IP 68 up to 10 bar (flameproof enclosure 30 bar) and IP 69 for a wide range of applications.

Material: Nickel-plated brass
Screws: Stainless steel A2
Seal: NBR
O-ring: FPM
Temperature range: -40°C / +100°C
Protection class: IP 68 (30 bar)
Test standard: IEC EN 60079-0 / IEC EN 60079-1 / IEC EN 60079-31
Gas: II 2G Ex db eb IIC
Dust: II 2D Ex ta IIIC
Zone: Gas 1 and 2 /
dust 21 and 22
Certificate: PTB 00 ATEX 1059
IECEx Certificate: IECEx PTB 12.0056

Ex synthetic cable glands
Material: Polyamide glass fibre reinforced
Properties: halogen-free
Seal: TPE / NBR
Temperature range: -20°C / +85°C
Protection class: IP 66 / IP 68
Test standard: IEC EN 60079-0 / IEC EN 60079-7 / IEC EN 60079-31
Gas: II 2G Ex eb IIC Gb
Dust: II 2D Ex tb IIIC Db
Zone: Gas 1 and 2 / dust 21 and 22
Certificate: SEV 15 ATEX 0152X
IECEx Certificate: IECEx SEV 15.0019X


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